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What is St. Patricks day about?


Saint Patrick’s day. A day which is commemorated on the 17th of March by many around the world, bringing people together to remember the traditional death of the patron saint of Ireland who lived during the fifth century. He who went by the name of Saint Patrick.

It is no secret that St. Patrick’s Day is more so heavily celebrated across the Ireland region however some unknown secrets around the festive day may come as a shock to some. One of which being the fact that St. Patrick himself was born and raised in Roman Britain right up until he reached the age of 16 in which he was kidnapped by Irish raiders and carried into slavery in Ireland. Does that not sound like a shocker? Now, you may carry the perception that St. Patrick’s Day may only be celebrated across Ireland. Well, you were wrong because St. Patrick’s Day is a huge festival in other parts of the world. One of which being the United States, celebrated by 34 million Americans who claim Irish Ancestry.




We can most definitely tell you that we were gobsmacked when we heard some of these St. Patrick’s Day facts but, how many of these thrilling facts left you shocked?


Once again, this may come as a surprise but believe it or not, the first St. Patrick’s Day parade was held in America. While people in Ireland had celebrated St. Patrick’s since the 1600 the tradition of St. Patrick’s Day parade began in America and predates the founding of the United States.

The shamrock is no stranger to the festival. It is seen pretty much everywhere during the St Patrick’s day period however did you know that the shamrock symbol was used as a teaching tool? Saint Patrick was said to have used it to explain the concept of the Holy Trinity of the father, the son, and the holy spirit.

Did you know that St. Patricks day was originally associated with the colour blue? Yes, this was another shocker for us to take in because just like everybody else, we were so sure that the colour associated with Saint Patrick’s was green yet once again we were proven wrong.

One claim in history deeply associated with St. Patricks is that he banished all the snakes from Ireland. However, this claim is not true because it has been discovered that the chances of survival of snakes in Ireland are minimal because of the cold conditions of the region. However, some say that the snakes represent the pagans he converted to Christianity.

Did you know that wearing green attire or Shamrock is also a St. Patrick’s Day tradition? It is one of Irish tradition to pinch someone who is not wearing green on the day. Sounds absurd right? Well, make sure you are wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day otherwise you may be pinched by many.

Since 1962, Chicago has dyed its namesake river green every St. Patrick’s Day. The use of green dye started with a utilitarian purpose: City workers originally used green dye to trace unauthorized sewages, then realized it looks very festive.

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