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Introducing the new face-covering - The Facelet

What is it?

The Facelet is not an ordinary face covering. The unique design means it can be worn on the face or on the wrist. This ensures your face covering is always available when you need it. 

Who makes it?

Team Facelet is a group of skilled individuals that have come together to bring this new, unique & convenient product to market. From idea to inception we have worked tirelessly to design, perfect, produce, protect & brand our product ready for market. 

Why the Facelet?

In the new world that we now find ourselves in, many countries are now recommending the use of face coverings in lots of different work, social & retail environments. What has become clear quite quickly, is that the use of face coverings is something that many workers or consumers will do “as and when” they are required to. In many situations face coverings can get left, lost, discarded, dirty, or simply forgotten… 

The Facelet is an EU registered design and is an exclusive product to EverythingBranded. The Facelet logo is printed on every mask and is trademark and patent pending. 

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