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Women's Equality Day

26th August 2020

Today celebrates Women’s Equality Day! This day is celebrated each year on August 26th. Women didn't have the right to vote before the 19th Amendment in 1920 which made sure that everyone had the right to vote. Today celebrates the achievements of women and reminds us how far they've come. Women are always working hard - from being a mother, your favourite school teacher, to your best friend. They can be there as a shoulder to cry on, or can offer you some valuable advice.


  • Women's Equality Day reminds us about how strong women are as they have tried to promote the rights of women throughout the years.
  • In the early 1900s, countries including the UK legalized voting for women.
  • World War I made the efforts of working women known to the general public as they helped out in the war.
  • There is still a wage gap between men and women which needs to change.
  •  In 1971, Congress set August 26th as Women’s Equality Day.


How To Show Your Support on Women's Equality Day!

You can show your thanks and appreciation to women in your life by telling them how much they mean to you. Let them know how much you care by browsing our Beauty & Health products, or pick them up a picture frame with a photo of you both in.
You should reflect on the history of Women's Equality Day and remember how far women have come since 1920. Happy Women's Equality Day!

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