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Case Study: Why Choose Promotional Tote Bags

21st August 2022 in Green & Eco-Friendly

One of the most useful items anyone can own is a bag. Even better, a tote bag. It’s an incredibly popular sort of bag all around the world because it’s so simple. It’s design perfection and its lack of fuss allows total focus on the task in hand without any compromise to the form. That’s a wordy way of saying “practical but stylish in its simplicity”. Branded tote bags are ordinary but special at the same time – particularly as promotional items.

Here, we’ll explain a bit about how you can successfully market your business, organization, campaign, event, product, or charity using personalized tote bags. But first, in true EverythingBranded blog style, a few interesting facts that you can use to impress your customers, colleagues and friends…


1. The word

Tote is a verb meaning “to carry” (but most often specifically using the shoulder). The application to bags as a noun comes both from the French “le fourre-tout”, which translates as “holdall”, and the German “tute”, which translates as “bag”.


2. The history

What is globally considered to be a classic tote bag today actually has its roots in an ice carrier developed by outdoor recreation retailer LL Bean way back in 1944. Their bag was made of builders’ canvas and was designed for hauling ice “from car to ice chest”. The design was modified in the 1960s and has remained consistent to this day.


3. The design

A tote can be carried comfortably on the shoulder because the handles tend to be straplike, which means plenty of room to fit over your arm and shoulder. This is one of the main reasons that tote bags are incredibly popular over standard types of bag or carrier. Other common terms for a tote include carryall, shoulder bag or shopping bag.


Tote Bags for Promotional Purposes


Due to their ubiquitous nature (in other words, the fact that everybody has one, two or more within their home), promotional tote bags make for an amazing way in which businesses can raise brand awareness. The bags become a trusted part of people’s everyday lives and so get used regularly, which means that any logo or message printed on them is going to be seen by a lot of potential customers, clients, supporters, or friends.

Printed tote bags are perfect for handing out at tradeshows or other events where giveaways take place. They’re also great for gifting to customers, friends, and employees, or for using as part of promotional packages for certain products. Bands or shows out on tour also sometimes offer tote bags as part of their swag, and they’re incredibly popular. If you’re a grocery store (in fact a store of any kind), it’s possible to offer them as an alternative to single-use bags.

Totes tend to be made of cotton, so with most of them there’s an inbuilt eco vibe for users, which can be valuable in extending visibility for the socially conscious credentials of your brand. However, there are versions of printed tote bags available which are made from jute, polypropylene, and plastic. There’s a huge choice at EverythingBranded, too. We offer many different colors and variations on design which means maximum possibility for matching up customized tote bags with your brand identity.


Our Top 5 Favorite Printed Tote Shopping Bags


  1. This 14” x 16” Gussetted Cotton Tote is perfect for carrying groceries home from the store, or books and other college essentials around campus. It’s useful for many other things too, and with your design silkscreen printed on it, you’ve got a beautiful bag right there!
  2. Natural Jute Carry-On Totes are perfect for anyone who’s on the go. These eco-friendly printed tote bags can be customized with a silkscreen imprint and are certainly striking, making a big impression for your brand. They’re perfect for trade shows, hotels, vacation resorts and more.
  3. If you’re looking for something a little different, these Non-Woven Insulated Tote Bags provide a really useful twist on the basic formula. Featuring an insulated interior, products you pick up when shopping will stay cool for hours.
  4. For a truly eye-catching tote, how about this Clear PVC bag? It’ll make a lasting impression, with your logo printed on the side, and there are assorted colors to choose from.
  5. Offering a heavyweight twist on the classic tote bag design, this beach tote bag is perfect for summertime promotions – but it’s not just for those days you head to the shore! With silkscreen and color splash imprinting, this one is a great way to make your logo or message really pop.

Once you’ve decided which totes you want to bag, just get in touch with the friendly team at EverythingBranded and they will be happy to generate a quote for you today!

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