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What if Working From Home is the New Norm?

7th August 2020

US businesses are now working from home

The latest virus has impacted many businesses across the US and has forced many offices to close. With 42% of the U.S labor force now working from home full-time, many companies are now asking their employees to work from home. Nevertheless, companies have found that working from home can be very beneficial for their company and employees in various ways.

Benefits to working from home

There are many benefits to working from home. Here are a few:

  1. It has encouraged teams to communicate with one another through video calls.
  2. Working from home can boost employee productivity, improve work/life balance, foster better mental health and reduce pollution from commuters.
  3. Companies have been hosting their own virtual meetings and coffee mornings to create a sense of belonging with their team.
  4. If we all returned to work, infection cases would rise.

During this strange time, employers have thought of ways to allow teams to work from home, which has changed the way companies are operating in 2020. This situation may even continue after the pandemic is over. And while this crisis has been catastrophic, companies have discovered how well and achievable working from home can be.

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