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The Guide to Custom Coffee Mugs

2nd November 2022 in Drinkware & mugs

There are some household items which have ‘crossed over’ into other areas of life away from domesticity – whether that’s into the professional realm, the leisure environment or even for out-and-about and on-the-go travel purposes. In doing so, these things can now provide even more valuable ‘eye time’ for businesses and organizations which brand them up as part of promotional campaigns and marketing exercises.

Chief amongst these things is the humble but heroic coffee mug. This essential item, a key element in ‘first thing in the morning’ moments at home, is an important part of the day’s initial burst of pleasure. After all, without something to keep hot coffee in there would be problems – that’s to say, to drink coffee a person needs a mug. So, imagine what being part of that happy moment could do for your brand!

If a customized coffee mug with your logo or message printed on it features as part of someone’s daily routine, your brand is at the least going to attain good visibility and may even become firmly associated with the feeling of pleasure. People really are creatures of habit and gravitate towards the familiar, and so it’s also possible that your mug will become a favorite mug – whether that’s at home or at the office or in another workplace.

Custom coffee mugs are perfect as giveaways or even for offering as small sale items as they have the twin benefits of being very useful on a day-to-day basis and also seeming to be a more ‘worthy’ item. Mugs feel more substantial than some other small promotional items and will certainly make an impression on the recipient. Custom coffee mugs are surprisingly affordable for any company or organization to use during their marketing campaigns or as ‘long game’ stock. They’re pretty much a standard rather than an extravagant gesture and set just the right tone if you’re serious.

In the same way that t-shirts, badges, and caps are desirable for people to use as they ‘say something’ about their identity or project a certain image, so can a mug which has the right logo or message printed on it. Custom coffee mugs can become highly desirable, and would you believe that some people even collect them? Touring shows, bands, TV and film studios, museums, galleries, exhibitions – all of these organizations know the value of having a supply of quality customized mugs in their gift shops or on their merch tables. Custom mugs are not just for corporate entities.


Types of Custom Mugs Available


Custom Coffee Mugs

Custom coffee mugs are available from EverythingBranded in a wide variety of styles, colors, and materials - so you will easily be able to find on from our range which closely matches in with your already existing brand identity and presents a coherent aesthetic. They can all be customized with name, logo, message and more, providing the perfect win / win way to put your brand out there into people’s lives. There are several different types of available including classic-looking ceramic or glass custom coffee mugs, eco mugs (for the more environmentally conscious), metal custom coffee mugs, recycled paper custom coffee mugs and stainless steel custom coffee mugs. At EverythingBranded we also stock gift sets which have become increasingly popular as some of them contain accessories and even sweet treats.


Custom Travel Mugs

Grabbing a coffee when you’re out-and-about has become more and more popular, and the boom in takeaway coffee houses around the world proves it. Though these establishments will most often have some sort of paper cup or recycled card coffee mugs into which they’ll serve their wares, it’s more and more common for people to provide their own travel mug. Or to decant the coffee shop’s brew into their own portable mug, which is much more likely to have thermal retention properties. From an environmental standpoint this is an attractive thing to do as it reduces waste.

Providing an attractive and highly practical custom coffee mug for travel is a smart way to promote your business or organization. There are some very attractive portable mugs and custom thermal flasks out there, in terms of shape, size, colors and materials, and it’s possible to create something which will reflect really well on your brand when your logo is printed on the side, custom metal travel mugs, in particular, look very smart and give off a professional aesthetic.

Ultimately, the things you need to consider when looking at custom coffee mugs as a marketing move for your business or organization are; type of mug, size and shape of mug, purpose of mug (travel etc). When you browse the EverythingBranded site, visualize each of the mugs you find with the logo you intend to print on there, and you will be able to narrow down the choices to those which are suitable for your brand identity. In the end, making the right choice means the person drinking from that mug will take notice and remember you.

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