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The Power Of Promotional Wristbands

29th January 2019

Branded wristbands are one of the best promotional products for businesses and charities, but what makes them so effective?

By displaying a logo on a wristband it helps the wearer to remember your brand in the future, raising awareness wherever they are. Printed wristbands come in a variety of types including silicone, fabric, paper, vinyl and plastic. Silicone wristband appear at the higher end of the market for their durability and aesthetic appeal. Whereas paper is cheaper and is chosen often for one off events like concerts.


A low cost promotional for any marketing campaign. Printed wristbands provide an excellent way for businesses to promote their brand at events like trade shows or exhibitions. A free giveaway will help to build relationships with potential customers and will give them something to remember you by.

Raising Awareness

A great way for charities to get their message across whilst making donations. By offering wristbands it will encourage people to donate as they know they’ll receive something in return. Wristbands can be printed in bright colors, ensuring your design will really stand out.


Wristbands provide extra security at busy festivals/concerts. Tickets can come in the form of a wristband, which is less likely to be lost than a paper ticket. Wristbands can also be worn for the duration of the festival. Many wristbands are tamper-resistant, so you can ensure the right people are attending an event. Festivalgoers will keep the wristbands even after the festival as a personal keepsake.


Another way wristband are used is on school trips. Phone numbers can be printed on wristbands and if a child gets lost they can easily be recovered. Hospitals use wristbands help make sure patients receive the right treatment.

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