EverythingBranded Las Vegas Office Now Open!

18th September 2018 in News

EverythingBranded Las Vegas Office Now Open!

It’s official! After huge success on the East Coast with tens of thousands of new customers added, our new West Coast sales office is finally open in Las Vegas!

We’ve already secured a dedicated Vegas team and have been blown away by their enthusiasm and drive-not to mention touched by the hospitality they have shown our UK team members who flew over to help with training.

A massive thank you to all our UK team members who made the trip over to Sin City to help our ever growing west coast teams training plan, allowing management to focus on the design and refurbishment of the new office. Our CEO, Paul Rowlett, has documented his journey of setting up a business stateside and these vlogs will be released shortly, so stay tuned!

Alongside the exciting office renovations, our new Vegas Promo Superstars really have hit the ground running and have already surpassed themselves in terms of sales! We are delighted with the exceptional customer service they are providing and the standard of training they have received from our dedicated and customer focused UK team members. Our stateside team is growing in strength and size each week and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for each one of them!


Las Vegas Office EverythingBranded USA

Paul Rowlett, CEO and Founder of EverythingBranded, “From starting the EverythingBranded brand back in 2010 it was always my ambition to pass on that EB passion to the masses, so after such a great response from our East Coast friends and 10’s thousands of customers it was only right we moved West and here we are in sunny Las Vegas. We have a great American supply chain ready to supply not only the best quality promotional goods, but ‘’ on time ‘’ and ‘’ on budget ‘’. Sadly our larger office will not be ready until early 2019, where we have a plan to create over 150 jobs over the next 2 years, but our temporary home still has the EB love and we would welcome any customers or new suppliers to visit and share a coffee or a cocktail (only on a Friday!!)”


We are delighted to welcome our new recruits into our EverythingBrandedUSA family, thanks for joining us on this journey!


Get to know the team!

At EverythingBrandedUSA we truly believe in the power of customer care and human connection.

Get to know some of our first Las Vegas recruits!



“I went into sales at the age of 22. I started out transferring calls to Licensed bankers for 6 months and then sold Vehicle service contracts over the phone for a year to get experience. I moved back to the mortgage industry in 2016 when I got Licensed. I’ve been doing residential mortgage loans up until now.

I’m excited to start a new career and learn something different. I love the fact that its team based with a call centre environment. We all like to have fun, but we’re all working hard and help push each other!”


“I joined EverythingBranded because it is an opportunity to earn and build a future for myself and my family. I was an IT Administrator for about 5 years before this. My immediate goal is to own property before March 2019. I like that this company rewards hard work and you can earn the future you want.”


“I joined EverythingBranded because I need to secure a future for my children.  The fact that EB is an ethical company who appreciates the customer 360-degree experience is what really makes me enjoy the opportunity with them even more.  Fast paced, good people, and really caring about each customer makes EverythingBranded a great place to be!!!”


“EverythingBranded has motivated us since the very first day to come in and perform to the best of our abilities, I’m truly appreciative for the opportunity to grow with the company. My expectations and ambitions with EverythingBranded are limitless. I would never put a cap on what the future holds for a position in this company. I feel that starting from the ground level for the Vegas office has put me in the position to grow and work my way to a top position. My goal is to come in everyday with an “Get Better” attitude and make sure to learn as much as I can from my veteran colleagues.”

We currently have an open door policy for new business opportunities, so if you are a local supplier or company please feel free to drop by and introduce yourself, we would love to chat!

Address: Marnell Corporate Centre 3
6725 via Austi Parkway, 1ST Floor
Las Vegas, NV 89119

Call us: 1800-586-1615
9am – 5pm, Monday – Friday

Email us: [email protected]


We are looking for more superstars to join our Las Vegas sales team. If interested contact us at [email protected]