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How to Promote your Business Through Custom Mugs & Drinkware

26th October 2022 in Drinkware & mugs

We all enjoy a good drink! Whether it’s water, alcohol, coffee or soda, drinking is a significant part of our social culture – getting together, catching up and having a few drinks, whether at a bar, café, or sports match supporting your favorite team. With this comes a great opportunity to brand. Promotional drinkware is the perfect way to get your brand out there, whatever your business and whatever the occasion.

There’s no denying that us Americans love drinks of all varieties. As a nation of coffee lovers, 7 in 10 drink coffee every single week, whilst the average person consumes around 494 alcoholic drinks every year!

Whilst merchandizing through drinkware can be effective all year round, there’s no better time than now! With the holiday season on the horizon, which sees a steep rise in alcohol consumption, this time of year brings even more marketing opportunities. Think Thanksgiving cocktails, and mulled wine for Christmas

Whether you’re new to merchandizing, or regularly use drinkware as part of your brand strategy, we’ve selected our favorite custom drinkware options to make life a little easier.


1. Customized Coffee Mugs

Custom coffee mugs are arguably the most effective form of personalized drinkware, due to their popularity and usefulness. Increase brand awareness on a daily basis as people reach for their morning coffee! From custom ceramic mugs, glass mugs, or copper coffee mugs, it’s a great way to catch the attention of customers by offering them a high-quality solution that they can use every day. The obvious types of business to use customized coffee mugs are cafés and restaurants, with lots of opportunity to sell on-site merchandise or organize loyalty giveaways. Custom coffee mugs are also highly suitable for corporate gifting or tradeshow giveaways whichever industry you’re in – after all, who doesn’t appreciate a shiny new mug?


2. Customized Travel Mugs

You may have seen that one of the key eco-friendly swaps people are starting to make in everyday life is to reduce plastic waste. This involves reducing plastic bottles, food packaging and, for some, using a personal mug for their morning coffee. Not only are custom travel mugs a great way to do your bit to help the environment, but they also act as an incentive for customers to buy coffee from your café, restaurant, or bakery, time and again. Not only can a customized travel mug save customers money in the long run by not having to keep buying coffee cups with every coffee, but they are also highly convenient, with many having insulation properties for up to 24 hours! We love this SENSO insulated stainless steel flask, available in a wide selection of colors with a large surface area for printing your logo or message.


3. Personalized Wine Glasses

Perhaps you’re a bar, club or restaurant owner looking for some printed drinkware to spice up your merchandizing strategy? Add a touch of class to your next event with one of our customized wine glasses. Customers will be quick to associate your brand with having a good time…so really, everyone’s a winner. From a modern take on traditional glass with this colored Premiere wine glass – perfect for opening bars and wineries – to shatter-proof stainless steel wine glasses such as this Ombre stemless wine glass – perfect for outdoor events. We stock an extensive range of custom wine glasses here at EverythingBranded, sure to meet the needs of all types of businesses.


4. Custom Sports Bottles

Let’s not forget to add a healthy option to our list! Hydration is an essential part of all exercise. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, around 20% of the US population is engaged in some form of sport and exercise on a daily basis. That’s about 66 million people! A good quality water bottle is a must, whether you’re a professional athlete or casual gym-goer. Why not encourage people to stay fit and healthy whilst promoting your brand? Perhaps you could use your next event to appeal to businesses engaged in the leisure, or food and drink industries. You could even hand them out in schools, charities, or malls to broaden your reach. Here at EverythingBranded, there’s so much choice available, from straw bottles, insulated cooling bottles, push-cap bottles and eco bottles. See our previous blog to get the full lowdown on the different types of custom water bottles we have in stock.

There are so many ways of using customized drinkware to promote your brand, whether that’s to promote the opening of your business, give out freebies at a trade show, or introduce reusable items as part of a loyalty scheme. Why not give it a try today?

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