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How To Pack Your Cooler Bag For Summer

23rd May 2019

Don't let the summer heat ruin your picnic! EverythingBranded takes a closer look at how to ensure your cooler stays at the right temperature.

By packing you're cooler properly in the first place it will save you a lot of hassle.

Chill before packing

A simple way to keep your cooler cold is just leaving it out on your porch overnight or in a cool room in your house. Make sure to put any food and drinks to chill in the fridge the night before. This will help ensure everything stays colder for longer. No one wants to drink a warm bottle of water, freezing them before hand will help save you money and make extra ice packs.

Pack in layers

Packing your cooler should always be the last thing you do right before leaving. Start packing your cooler by adding a layer of ice on the bottom. Then add any heavy food and drink items. Always add soft food likes crisps and sandwiches at the top to avoid them being squashed. Remember to wrap any food up properly, so nothing ends up soggy. Fill any empty spaces, as this will stop any warm air from circulating. If you're using a plastic cooler it's a food idea to fill it up to the top with ice.

Conserve space

Avoid bring any plastic packaging that will just make a mess and take up unnecessary space. Instead of taking a whole bottle of ketchup, fill up an empty jar. Wrap up any meat in plastic bags and will fit much easier inside your cooler.

Keep out of the sun

Air is the enemy. Find a nice shady spot for your cooler, if you're at the beach perhaps under a parasol. At the campsite you could place it under a picnic table or place a wet towel over the top to help insulate it. When loading your car avoid putting it in a hot trunk.

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