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Game of Thrones and Branding

1st May 2019

With the epic start to season 8 of the HBO series, Game of Thrones, EverythingBranded takes a closer look at the design of the houses and how it can help improve your branding.


When creating a logo you want it to define your brand's identity. If you're a fan of Game of Thrones you would definitely have seen one of the house's banners at some point. For example house Stark's sigil displays a direwolf, as they're native to the north where the Stark's rule. In Westeros the direwolf is a creature that runs in a pack, strong in numbers and their family members hold them together. House Targaryen represented by the dragon, ruler of the skies, land and sea. A proud, strong creature and capable of greatness. House Lannister's sigil features a gold lion, to represent their royalty and nobility. All sigil designs for houses of Westeros were designed to reflect on the story events of characters and general personalities.


Similar to your brand's logo, a motto needs to reflect your brand in some way. All houses in Game of Throne's have a motto that gives us an impression of they're values. House Lannister's motto is "Hear Me Roar!", showcasing their bravery, fierceness and striking fear in their enemies. Where as House Stark's motto is "Winter Is Coming", representing the hardships the family will face and and that they should be prepared for anything to go wrong. The only house motto to not brag about themselves in some way and shows how different they're compared to southern houses.


Your brand color is very important, as it will help customers to connect with your on a deeper psychological level. As colors represent different emotions, you need to choose ones you want your brand to be associated with. The Targaryen's sigil appears as red and black. The red three headed dragon represents passion and black as a protector. The colors of House Stark are a combinations of gray, black and white. Gray to show the strength of the house, as well as white for its pure values.

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