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5 Useful Camping Products For This Winter

26th December 2018

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast or just crazy enough to camp out in the cold, we have a huge range of promotional camping products to help you feel more con-tent!

Waterproof Safety Box

These waterproof safety boxes are perfecting for storing your phone, with the secure locking hatch your phone will be safe inside. This safety box is made from a water-resistant plastic, which can display a design of your choice. An ideal product for hotels and holiday makers to use as free giveaways for customers.

Survival Bracelet

With this multifunction survival bracelet, you can avoid carrying around a heavy bag full of camping supplies. The 5 in 1 tool includes a whistle, compass, scraper, flint and paracord. This promotional product is made from durable parachute cord, it can even be unraveled into a rescue rope.

Hand Warmer

Keep your hands toasty in the cold with a pair of printed hand warmers! An environmentally safe heat source and are available in a range of different shapes. Your business logo can be printed onto the product, so your clients to remember you in the future. These hand warmers are warmed up using hot water and will stay warm for 15-25 minutes.

Emergency Blanket

The emergency blanket is perfect for when an accident happens on your camping trip and is available in a range of sizes and colors. This printed blanket is folded up, so it can be easily stored inside your bag and won’t take up much room.

Military Folding Shovel

A foldable shovel will be useful for keeping around your camp incase of emergency or to shovel away any snow. The promotional product is made of carbon steel, with aluminum alloy nut and iron gasket. Take a closer look at our full range of printed camping products here! If you’re interested in any of our products, give our dedicated Account Managers a call today for advice on the right promotional products for you brand, 1800-586-1615.

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