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Five Promotional Tech Products for the New Year

8th December 2017

Promotional Tech Products for New Year In today’s digital age, technology products are the perfect way to promote your brand to clients. These tech products will be used every day, so your brand is going to get the exposure you’re looking for. You can get your 2018 off to a fantastic start with these promotional tech […]

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Tech Products

National Lager Day

6th December 2017

National Lager Day-10th December I don’t know who makes up these random national days, but on the 10th of December is National Lager day. While it may be a strange thing to celebrate, it’s definitely a fun day to enjoy and a good excuse to drink. Beer has been around for so long that you […]

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Solar Eclipse Glasses Safety Warning

19th August 2017

Important information regarding orders for Solar Eclipse Glasses This information applies to customers who have ordered Solar Eclipse Glasses from Due to the recent media frenzy regarding suppliers of Eclipse Glasses we would like to advise our customers. Like any good online distributor we use only trusted suppliers that have either good history with […]

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promotional travel wallets – boost your brand exposure to tourists

8th May 2017

Promotional travel wallets are a great and practical product to keep clients valuables safe. They are also an effective way to promote your company’s brand. When it comes to getting brand exposure, there is one phrase to remember: practicality promotes profits. If your promotional products are useful to your clients, they will be used often. By being […]

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promotional travel wallets

Promotional pet products – unique products to expose your business to clients

2nd May 2017

Do you work with animals? Are the company cards just not cutting it when it comes to getting business? Why not expand your branding outside the norm and take a look at the various promotional pet products we have on offer? Business cards, whilst initially effective, are just a piece of paper. Therefore they hold no practical value […]

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promotional pet products

The Power of Branding

20th April 2017

Top five facts you need to know about promotional products & branding When it comes to setting up your new business there are many hurdles to overcome, such as becoming a recognizable brand. There are many ways brand recognition is achieved. Take promotional products as a good example. These products do not have to be related […]

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the power of branding

Promotional Display Products – Making Your Stall Stand Out

10th April 2017

Using Promotional Display Products To Stand Out You have your promotional giveaway products and have your pitch ready for interested customers. But standing out among the crowds and other stalls is important to entice customers to your company. We have the promotional tools to set you apart from the competition at the upcoming promotional event. Check out some of […]

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Promotional Auto Products and Your Brand

3rd April 2017

Stuck for what to use for your next promotional campaign, then we have the perfect promotional products for you. Promotional auto products are a great way to get your brand into clients hands with tangible products. In the modern world we spend a large portion of our time in vehicles travelling to and from various […]

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promotional auto

Promotional Giveaways And Your Cause

30th March 2017

Are you a company looking for a way to raise money for a good cause, or to promote your brand? Don’t know what products to invest in? Then look no further. Promotional giveaways are an excellent way to generate interest in your company, or to entice extra income for your cause at charity events. We have […]

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promotional giveaway

Promotional Popsockets – The Promotional Product Taking The World By Storm

28th March 2017

Promotional Popsockets are a great way to get your brand exposed to a large target audience. They come without the high price tag of billboards and TV commercials. In this blog we are going to go through what Popsockets are, and why you should brand them for your next marketing campaign. What are Popsockets? Popsockets are […]

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promotional popsockets

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